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KitchenHelper™ EggTimer Pro

KitchenHelper™ EggTimer Pro

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Introducing the KitchenHelper™ EggTimer Pro, the innovative egg-shaped companion for your kitchen adventures! Say goodbye to undercooked or overboiled eggs with this clever and stylish cooking assistant. Crafted with precision and simplicity in mind, EggTimer Pro is designed to ensure your eggs are cooked to perfection every time.

With its intuitive design, EggSense Pro takes the guesswork out of egg preparation. Simply place it alongside your boiling eggs, and its smart sensor technology monitors the cooking process in real-time. The EggTimer Pro adapts to your preferences, allowing you to choose between soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs.

Compact and portable, EggTimer Pro is your go-to kitchen companion whether you're boiling eggs for breakfast, brunch, or snacks. Its egg-shaped form adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen decor while serving a practical purpose. Embrace culinary precision with EggTimer Pro, making every egg-cooking experience a delight. Say hello to hassle-free, perfectly cooked eggs – because timing is everything!

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Elevate your egg-cooking game! 🥚

With simple and convenient technology, EggTimer Pro fits the perfect companion for foolproof and delightful eggs every time! Just place it in your boiling pot, and let its intuitive design take charge. No buttons, no fuss – EggTimer Pro effortlessly ensures your eggs are perfectly cooked with ease and precision. Elevate your kitchen routine effortlessly!

Simple instructions:

Using EggTimer Pro is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to ensure perfectly cooked eggs every time:

1. Place EggTimer Pro in the Pot: Before boiling your eggs, gently place the EggTimer Pro in the pot with the eggs. Ensure that it is submerged in water alongside your eggs.

2. Choose Your Preference: Decide how you want your eggs cooked – soft, medium, or hard-boiled. EggTimer Pro will adapt to your preference.

3. Boil as Usual: Proceed with boiling your eggs as you normally would. EggTimer Pro will automatically activate upon contact with boiling water.

4. Watch the Magic Unfold: As the eggs cook, EggTimer Pro's colour display will place effect, changing colors to indicate the doneness level.

5. Retrieve Perfectly Cooked Eggs: Once the desired color is reached, your eggs are ready! Remove them from the pot, and enjoy perfectly cooked eggs without any guesswork.

Customer Reviews

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Brant Bernhard

Very convenient for cooking eggs

Eva Littel

Well made, practical to use! I really like.

Alexane Heaney

I indicate, very nice and does not let you pass the point you want

Yesenia Stokes

Excellent seller and excellent product, very punctual shipping, highly recommended

Kaden Harris

Good quality piece, just need to test it.